Sara and Jon’s Waterview Loft Wedding in Detroit <3

I met Jon 21 years ago. He was a copier sales guy, and I was a new admin told to “get a new copy machine”. After meeting with many horrible salesmen, he came in, spent over an hour with me explaining the ins and outs of copiers and didn’t make me feel stupid or like “just a girl” Needless to say, I ordered my copier from him.

As I needed to order a copier, I always found Jon, who moved around to different companies quite a bit. This was way before everyone just used their own cell phones, so every time he moved I had to find his new number.

Several years later at my final job as an Admin it was once again time to get a new copier, I looked and looked for Jon. For probably 2 months. Couldn’t find him.

In the meantime, I got a cold call, from Sara it turns out, it was really timed just perfectly, so I took the meeting. She was a copier sales person, and I needed a copier, and I couldn’t find “my guy”. She came into the office. I LOVED HER IMMEDIATELY, and we signed with her.

The day after I signed the paperwork. The day after. Jon walked into my office. I couldn’t even. I stood up from my desk absolutely flabbergasted and said, “Are you serious right now? I have been looking for you for MONTHS and I signed a contract YESTERDAY!!!!”

Plot Twist. Sara was on Jon’s sales team.

Well, they ended up dating and eventually he proposed. They asked me to photograph their wedding. I could NOT have been happier to do so.

As my gift to them, I invited them out to Maybury State Park for Engagement photos. They brought their pupper out. And I shot some Film, as a surprise for them.

The film print is 16×20, and created by hand. I brought it to the wedding, and just set it on the gift table with only a ribbon to wrap it.

Their wedding day was absolutely PERFECT. Everyone got ready at the Marriott At Renaissance Center in Detroit.

And their most perfect wedding day happened at Waterview Loft

Aaaand finally. Because Sara and Jon had a Jewish ceremony, and got married as the sun was setting, and really didn’t want to do a first look, we got together one more time the following weekend for some more Romantics pictures of just the two of them, again we stayed with the Downtown Detroit theme.

Amy was absolutely fantastic. She offered to do an engagement shoot for us and got some incredible pictures (with our pupper too). When it came to the wedding, she made everything seem so easy and calm. The pre-wedding pictures were fun and Amy fit right in with our wedding party. Everyone in my family loved Amy and the photographer she partnered with for the day. After the wedding, Amy realized that there were not enough romantics of my husband and I. She arranged a separate shoot to go back out. We got some amazing shots that people thought were done on a blue screen! Amy even laid on the ground, IN THE RAIN, to get the perfect shot of my husband and I. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Amy was for making our day that much more special! 

Sara Livingston

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